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The Trail Dog is the only atv trailer of its kind on the market. The only trailer designed and patented for a standing rider.

Both wheels and skis utilize a patented suspension system that makes it possible for you to stand on the back and enjoy the ride! 

All welded aluminum construction perfect for muddy or rocky trails, or even deep snow with our custom designed skis. 

Ultra low center of gravity keeps the trailer stable in rough terrain no matter what you're hauling. Speaking of hauling, load up to 600 lbs easily with the low 13 inch deck. 

Keep the bed flat while not hooked up with the kickstand. 

Use the convenient fenders to step in and out. 

A moveable and removable end gate means you can adjust to a backrest or a table or simply take it out for loading. 

Use the Trail Dog to:

+Take your kids or grandkids for rides around the yard for great fun!

(Helmets are recommended!)

+Haul wood for the winter

+Get your buddies to their deer stands 

+Easily load up your deer; with the low deck you can even do it yourself!

+Haul buckets of rocks 

+Fit a 24in dog kennel onto the back; get your dogs to the ducks! 

+Bring it out onto the lake for ice fishing

+It's perfect for apple picking 

+Haul your taps and saps for maple syrup

+Bring your salt licks to the cattle 

+Great for bringing fencing equipment out for repairs...

the list goes on! 

+This thing can do it all! 




Dennis Kliegle

Creator, owner of Trail Dog Trailers 

Dennis Kliegle graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1980.

He married his high school sweetheart, Jody, and they have 10 children together.

In 1997 they moved to Northern Wisconsin to a large farm with woods, pastures, and plenty of space for outdoor activities like deer hunting, partridge hunting and making maple syrup.

 One day while Dennis and his son Paul were collecting sap in the woods, they wished they had a trailer that they could haul the sap, but also have space for an extra person to ride along. 

Dennis got to work on designs, and the Trail Dog Trailer was born! 

 Dennis has been working hard to perfect his idea for over 7 years.

During the design process he has also created an entirely new patented suspension system! 

 Dennis has spent his career focusing on product development and design for various companies he has worked for.

One of his designs was even used in the building of The Smithsonian National Museum of The American Indian in Washington D.C.

 Dennis is proud to have designed a product that he can call his own. 

The Trail Dog is truly one of a kind! 

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